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LAN Airlines

In 2010, LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines joined forces and now operate collaboratively under the corporate banner of the LATAM Airlines Group. Although both airlines still proudly fly under their own distinguished brand names, the LATAM Group has allied resources in Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Columbia, and Ecuador, making them a major player in Latin America. Together they provide service to some 115 destinations in 23 countries.

LAN will accept dogs and cats for travel as checked baggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft only. All other animals must be sent as manifest cargo freight with LAN Cargo Services.

LAN reminds travelers that all animal transport is subject to excess baggage fees. Some restrictions apply to certain breeds of dogs and cats.

CARRIER SIZE LAN does not accept pets in the cabin of any of their aircraft. Maximum dimensions:
  • Length: 94 cm (37 in)
  • Width: 64 cm (25 in)
  • Height: 61 cm (24 in)
(animal + carrier)
N/A Up to 45 kg (99 lbs)
for international flights, depending on the point of departure and the point of arrival.


  • Travelers are reminded that every country has different rules and regulations governing the acceptance and transportation of animals. It is strongly recommended that you contact the consulate, embassy, or government authority for any country (or countries) you will be visiting to ensure that you have met all entrance requirements.
  • Any carrier over 45 kg (99 lbs) must be sent as manifest cargo freight via LAN Cargo.
  • Space for pet travel is limited. Please call before you travel to confirm a space for your pet.
  • LAN will not accept any brachycephalic (or "snub-nosed") breeds of dogs or cats for travel aboard any of their aircraft.

If you are unable to travel with your pet

If your pet will be travelling unaccompanied, LAN Cargo specializes in Live Animal transport and has over 50 years experience moving everything from insects to elephants. They have a skilled and caring staff that will work hard to ensure your pet's safety and comfort. LAN Cargo also operates in accordance with all International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards and regulations.

Codeshare flights

Pets may not be accepted on flights operated by codeshare partners. It is strongly recommended that you contact any codeshare partners, or other airlines you may be travelling with, to familiarize yourself with their individual policies regarding pet travel.

Contact Information

  • LAN Contact Center (USA/Canada): 1-866-435-9526
  • LAN website: Click Here
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